Our Chef at Radio Africa, Eskender Aseged, is back in San Francisco after two fascinating weeks discovering the unique cuisine in Japan. It was an inspiring journey learning more about the local foods, spices and culinary techniques used in Japanese restaurants. His life long passion of embracing new international cuisine in his kitchen will never end.


Restaurant Dinner Menu - Winter Menu


Open for Dinner Tues-Sat 5:30 - 9:00pm


Celery root soup with cauliflower and fenugreek 6
Spiced chicken soup with pomegranate, cilantro and japanese chilies 6
Sauteed prawns with dragon tongue beans and almonds 8
Roasted beets with tangerine, fennel and arugula 8
Smoked trout with persimmons and red cabbage 8
Mushroom wot crostini with mustard greens and parmesan cheese 8
Mezze for 38


Short rib tagine with sun dried fruits and vegetable alicha 14
Grilled leg of lamb with kufta, couscous and chermoula 14
Seared atlantic salmon with beluga lentils, spinach and pistachio salsa 14
Chicken jambalaya with winter greens, prawns and berbere 14
Roasted eggplant with goat cheese, garbanzo beans, spinach and sumac 12
Butternut squash with red lentils, green beans and lomi omani 12


Chocolate decadence with honey poached pears and star anise 6


Tasting Menu $48 / person . . . Happy hour special everyday 5:30-7pm


3-course tasting menu (salad or soup, entree & dessert) for $25